Every day we work passionately, to live up to our name and to live up to our current mission. In addition, we look to the future and have a clear vision in mind. As the market leader in hair fashion in the European market, we feel a strong responsibility to our customers.


Zenner is the hair accessory brand on the European market. The accessories we make fit within the fashion image, but also need to be functional. Functional fashion is a term that perfectly describes Zenner’s products. Every day we’re more concerned with our hair than we might think. We therefore believe that the products we use in or for the hair should be so user-friendly. Zenner offers a wide and exclusive range of its cosmetics, cosmetics and care accessories. We always try to put the wishes of both the customer (business) and the consumer first. We distinguish our products by using a unique design and high-quality materials. Our mission is not only to produce the best hair products, but also to continue to do so for years to come. This is more important than ever, that we take into account the environment and our raw materials. We do this by doing business sustainably, using environmentally friendly and degradable raw materials and having our products produced from BSCI certified suppliers.


Zenner is an A-brand that offers a wide range of hair accessories and care products, which are trend-sensitive and subject to social change. We follow the latest trends and developments closely and work to maintain our position as market leader and expand internationally. Zenner wants to continue to create added value, now and in the future.