In 1962, the hairpin was sold from the drawer behind the counter of the drugstore. This way of selling did not honor the product and Rudolf Zenner felt that these products deserved their own store shelf. He introduced the rack jobbing concept in Germany, in which the supplier is responsible for the management of the shelf in the store. It was a big breakthrough: the hairpin was no longer just a functional product, but also a fashionable hair accessory.


Paul Keers brought the successful concept from Germany to the Netherlands in 1978 and Zenner Nederland quickly became a household name. A few years later, in 1987, our current director Marcel van Rijn strengthened the company. He also became international director of Zenner in Germany and Austria and set up offices in Poland and Hungary. In 2002 Marcel van Rijn became full owner of Zenner Nederland and the company grew under his name into an international company with outlets in Belgium, Germany, Suriname, Curaçao, , Latvia, Lithuania and exports to Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia.


Since 2009 Zenner operates from an attractive building in Nieuw-Vennep. From here, the brand has become what it is today. With a brand awareness of more than 95%, the brand has become a household name in the sale of fashionable and functional hair accessories. Zenner is now an inescapable from the drugstore. Also online, on TV and in magazines we see zenner’s accessories continuously. We’re sure, but we’re never quiet. In view of the latest trends and developments, we always see opportunities and opportunities.