Last year the scrunchie was the trend item in the field of hair accessories of the summer. The scrunchie gives your outfit a hip, summery twist in an instant. The scrunchie will definitely remain a key item this season. We have listed the three latest trends of this summer for you. And we expect these accessories, just like the scrunchie, to be here to stay.


The diadem is fashionable and very handy! Looking nice and your hair not in your face, that’s the ideal combination if you ask us. Good news: the padded diadem is back! This hair accessory can be used for any occasion. Do you have a nice party on Friday night? Diadem. Fancy dinner with friends? Diadem. Going to the supermarket and suffering from a bad hair day? Even then, the diadem is your lifesaver. And you can vary endlessly with it. Combine a classy black diadem with a calm outfit or go for a soft, cream-colored or striped version to complete your summer look. The padded diadem is a fun and easy accessory to steal the show with this summer.


On Wednesdays we wear pink. Or just every day! Pink clips are totally hot. Provide that feminine touch with a soft pink hair clip or opt for bright pink to spice things up. You can go in all directions with these hair accessories. It can of course be subtle, but you can also make a statement with it, if you want. Tuck your hair up or slide it back on the side. The only thing that is certain: pink is the color to go!


If you can’t go on vacation, you should just let the vacation come to you. Fortunately, this is already possible with the smallest things, such as a shell accessory in the hair. We have been seeing shells in everything for a number of years now. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, but now also in hair accessories. These clips with shells provide the ultimate summer feeling and who wouldn’t be happy about that? Slide your hair back or make a loose bun with a rubber band with the best of mother nature.

Luna Duindam is our marketing assistant at Zenner! She completed a beautician training for her Communication studies. Besides writing articles, taking pictures and scrolling endlessly on social media, she also loves everything in the field of hair and beauty.